From August 2012 until December 2014, I was part of the PraevEM research project at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida. The main focus of my research topic was to investigate novel concepts and techniques for the modelling of software structures in 3D environments.

During the research project, I developed a prototype using the Visual Studio IDE from Microsoft as well as the Unity 3D game engine. This prototype enabled the software developer to define own Domain Specific Languages using the Visual Studio Modelling SDK. These language definitions were then transferred to a Unity 3D project which enabled the modelling of software structures within a 3D environment.

screenshot 3d modelling

Screenshot of a 3D software model to model structures within animated film productions.

The developer was able to walk through these 3D models and modify them. We even added support for virtual reality glasses to make this experience more immersive.

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The research project PraevEM was funded by the European Union.