During my Master’s project at the University of Glasgow, I dealt with the use of mobile and motion tracking components to help raise awareness and socially connectedness within working environments. I developed an application for a semi-public screen which is supposed to be placed in common areas of working teams – called SocioScreen. Team members can then interact with this screen via mobile phone and whole body gestures. It is possible to post content to the screen from the phone. This enables one to share information, like invitations for lunch, with team members.

Messages of team members floating around in the SocioScreen application

The application was designed in a calming way with the theme of an underwater world with slowly moving bubbles. The SocioScreen application is able to detect the presence of people and unobtrusively tries to draw their attention to the screen by sending a ripple through the underwater world.


Ripple showed when the presence of someone is detected


This internship abroad was kindly enabled by the ERASMUS placement grant for students.